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Bucket lifter series

Our bucket lifter series D/TD/HL/TH/N is popular by users. Series TD/TH owns advantages such as more specifications, larger transportation volume, higher lifting height, steadier running and longer lifespan etc. whose main performance and parameters are in accordance with Vertical Bucket Lifter J8/T3926-99 (This standard refers to international standard and advanced foreign standards). Drawing ring chain series ㈠L/TH is in accordance with High-strength Ring Chain for Mine MT36-80.
This lifter is suitable for transporting non-grinding or small-grinding loose materials of powder, grains and small block such as sand, cement, coal, coke powder, gravel, clay, ore etc. The temperature of materials transported by series D/TD should be less than 60C or less than 150C if adopting heat-resistant adhesive belt. The series TH/H1 could transport high-temperature materials because the drawing system of lifter adopts circle chain.