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Scraper conveyor
This machine is mainly used for conveying powder materials such as clay, mine powder, flour and cement etc. which is suitable for lines of mine, metallurgy, light industry and boiler etc. with reasonable design and simple structure, long life span and good seal and is convenient for maintenance. There are two types of transmission for this machine, left and right type. The driving equipment adopts combined transmission of shaft reducer and triangle adhesive tape Grade I.

There are three types of transportation for this machine:
horizontal, inclined and Z-type with following features:
Horizontal immerged scraping board (SMS type): Multiple discharge could be accomplished according to requirements. Inclined immerged scraping board (QMS type): Add or remove the medium to change the lifting height or adjust the bend to change
inclined angle. Z-type immerged scraping board (ZMS type): Can be used to change lifting height and transportation distance or to accomplish multiple discharge.

Technical specification

Model SMS16 QMS16 ZMS16 ZMS25
Width of tank(mm) 160 160 160 250
Scraper velocity(m/s) 0.16 0.16 0.16 0.16
Productivity(m3/h) 13 7 6 12
The number of discharge points(a) Custom 1 Custom Custom
Machine slot angle(°) ≤70° 90° 90°
Maximum transmission distance(m) 50 / 50 50
Maximum lift height(m) / 20 20 20
Motor Power(KW) 1.1~11