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Plate conveyor

Plate conveyor is one structure type of conveyors important for transportation in mechanical and metallurgy enterprises, which adopts metal or cast iron boards as groove. Thus it could be used to transport hot cast and sand with certain striking.Meanwhile, it has large carrying capacity and longer transportation distance for its larger power of drawing chains.

Board chain pipeline

P plate conveyor

Phosphorus plate weighing machine

Scale conveyor belt is a kind of board type structure form, used in mines, the electric power, the garbage processing, can withstand the impact. At the same time, because of its traction chain traction and therefore, carrying capacity, long distance transmission. If need to level redirection. Need more than two scales trigger calls.

Technical specifications

1, according to the exterior of the casting size and productivity choose different scales plate width :B=650 800 1000 1200
2, the width of the scale of the trigger allow waybill a casting the maximum weight and envelop dimensions.

Scale plate width B(mm) 650 800 1000 1200
Allow conveyor the maximum weight of single castings Q(kg) 30 60 100 120
Allow the maximum horizontal conveyor single casting surface size (mm) 550 700 900 1100